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Download to create or join a Solidarity Co-Op today!

Create or join a Solidarity Co-Op today!

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February 1, 2024


– Simple solutions to organizing help –

Create Solidarity Co-Op

To Receive Help

Create a Co-Op

Set up an account for yourself or someone you know, and begin organizing support from family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and others.

Get the Help You Need

People who want to help typically have good intentions; however, their efforts are sometimes misguided. Journey Together helps you convey exactly the type of help you need and when.

Keep Everyone Updated

Answering calls, texts, emails, etc., about your situation, can be time-consuming and draining. Journey Together makes it easy for you to update everyone at once, and notify your co-op when you need help.

Join Solidarity Co-Op

To Provide Support

Join Co-Op

Receive and accept an invitation to join a solidarity co-op for someone you want to help and get started on your journey together.

Become a Helpful Resource

Whether it’s sharing a music playlist with someone going through chemo or purchasing a wishlist gift for new parents, Journey Together helps you curate the care you want to give, all in one place.

Volunteer for Tasks

Scheduling and organizing visitors and help can feel like ‘yet another thing to do’ for those in need of help. Sign-up to fulfill outstanding tasks for your friends and family in need.


– The app that fills the gaps in care –

Accepting help at our most vulnerable times is not always easy. In fact, sometimes organizing who’s going to help with what, and when, can be more work than it’s worth.

Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a newborn, grieving the loss of a loved one, or experiencing a serious medical illness, there are times when we all need help navigating everyday life. That is when it’s important to open your heart and mind to receive love and support from people who care.

Journey Together is a mobile app that allows your selected “solidarity co-op” to curate care in a way that offers you ease of mind and comfort in knowing that everything (and everyone) you need is in one place. From monetary donations and rides to medical appointments to book recommendations, recipes and music playlists, Journey Together makes organizing help, meals, resources and visitors easy.

Whatever it is that you need during your time of need, Journey Together can help you navigate the help.


Finally, a care app that’s more than a taskmaster.

Your heart is in the right place. It is. But it is important to be empathetic to the needs and sensibilities of the people you want to help. Receiving 20 resource recommendations and/or update requests from 20 different people can feel overwhelming to someone experiencing a life crisis. Make it easier for the people you want to help by carefully curating the care you want to give.

Explore Our Most Valuable App Features Today!


Organize all of your recommendations in one place. Share social media links, doctors, recipes, exercise routines…you name it.


Share music playlists, links to streaming recommendations and reading lists.


Purchase exactly what your recipient wants and needs, directly from their wishlist.


Post messages of support, share links, and more. Your Solidarity Co-Op meets here!

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Available for download

February 1, 2024